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Hello Farina Supporters,

Following is a newsletter from our convenor, Tom Harding, with information about the ANZAC programme for 2018.

Here are other important dates for this years volunteer period:

* Saturday June 16th 2pm Annual cricket match
* Friday 22nd June Jesse Budels (composer) Concert of the Outback.Composition inspired by Farina. 5pm
* Sunday June 25th 11 Bell Squadron 10 Commemoration

Regards, Cathie

Newsletter 68 Farina Restoration Group 25 March 2018

This has been a very active, non programme, period with an enthusiastic volunteer nomination flow.

We have been able to offer placements to 140 nominations (numbering 250 persons) across our eight construction and trading weeks plus set up and pack-up teams.

Whilst we have full teams listed at present, historically we know that unknown personal circumstances will mean that there will be withdrawals, leaving the opportunity for late placements.

If you wish to be on the standby list, please forward a registration to Cathie ( or to register online) and we will call you to advise how this will be managed.

We would expect that across the eight week period there will be approximately 20 cancellations.

As per the attached flyer, our ANZAC programme is in place. The Farina War Memorial is a unique setting and each programme, which is held every third year, is becoming more significant.

This year we are honoured to have the Director of Veterans Affairs, SA, Mr Rob Manton, as our keynote speaker and the Right Reverend John Stead, Bishop of Willochra as chaplain, leading the service.

The Farina campground offers accommodation close enough to walk to the service and the gunfire breakfast. No bookings are needed but please allow adequate setup time on Tuesday 24th April.

The last time an ANZAC service was held at Farina (2015) approximately 200 attended so your early arrival would assist both you and us.

Persons travelling by vehicle on Wednesday 25th April morning will be directed into the campground carpark up until 5.45 am only. After that time there will be a longer walk to the War Memorial from an alternative car park.

Handicapped persons will have access by 4WD vehicle to the war memorial site by prior arrangement before 5.45am. Please request by email if this is needed (

Farina is currently in DROUGHT conditions. Showers are operating but with slightly saline water. BRING YOUR OWN DRINKING WATER. The usual means are 10 litre supermarket containers.

Regards, Tom Harding