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At 85 years of age our “Founder and Leader” Tom Harding has decided it’s time to perhaps rest up a little.

Without Tom’s foresight Farina wouldn’t be where it is today. Tom has led from the start and over the last 11 years or so has managed the transition from a heap of rubble “Ghost Town” to what it is today. Tom’s favourite saying is that “we are chasing the ghosts out of town”, it’s no longer a ruin.  Results now show that we are “Bringing Life Back” to Farina.

Tim Tom handover

Many, many people have met Tom & Joan over the years and their enthusiasm for Farina’s rebirth was infectious. Many of us signed up on the spot!!!!!.

Tom however will not be going too far away. The committee will now be chaired by Tim Paine and Tom will continue on as a normal committee member and mentor for as long as he wishes.

Whilst passing the banner over to Tim and Leanne Paine we wish Tom & Joan a happy and less stressful Farina life.

Peter Harris as past secretary and public officer has passed the reins over to Anne Dawes, whom will now take over responsibility for these roles. Peter will stay on as a committee member.

The committee takes this opportunity to welcome Tim to his new role as chairman and Anne as secretary.

Behind every great man is a great woman, and we would like to again thank Tom & Joan for all of the wonderful drive, enthusiasm, massive commitment, and focus since this all started.

We will still look forward to the days ahead when Tom makes his next trip to Farina

Tom wishes to say a huge thankyou to those that have supported him and to our many volunteers and supporters, whom have worked tirelessly over the many years, with encouragement, generosity and goodwill, to get us to where we are today, and is looking forward to catching up again later in 2019.