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Farina Staffing 2019

Farina staffing is progressing with opportunities for volunteers to join us in 2019 still available in :

Week 3, 8 -15 June

Week 5, 22 – 29 June

Week 8, 13 – 21 July

From café to campfire, tradesman assistant to sign painting, walking trail fixer to visitor host we have jobs for all, including tradies.
Volunteers enjoy a sense of excitement in being part of a vibrant team and meeting many appreciative visitors. There is a meaningful task for all, working at your own tempo.

Please register here:

Once you have submitted your registration a new window will come up acknowledging that.
You will also receive a personal email of acknowledgement from Cathie within two weeks, maximum. This will be followed up with telephone contact from Tom.

If you have any concerns that the form may not have submitted or you are unable to complete the form online please contact Cathie here:

Tom can be contacted for advice in advance if required: Phone 0418 300 597
Tom Harding