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History project meeting


Farina History Project.

Our very first meeting with the team was held on Friday 5th April 2019. Attending were Jennie, Patricia, Bob, and Steve along with Ms Emily Richardson and Ms Sue Lea, Genealogy SA and Ms Pauline Cockrill (taking photo) History Trust SA. Our initial meeting was to explore what we hope to achieve with our project and to what end Genealogy SA and the History Trust can assist. The technology now available is “Mind Blowing” and we should be able to achieve everything from a “Title Search”, “Migration and Trove” to the Family Tree” and tie it all together. Presentation will be the key, to add to this we can develop an “Interactive Town” map for use either on the web or touch screen on site. All this will take some time, but we have the enthusiasm and help from our colleagues to achieve a great result.

Our “Initial” focus will be on the Patterson, Napier-Bell, Finn, and Moffatt families, as quite a lot of information exists, once we complete these families we will go onto other searches.

For the first time we will also be recording your “Oral History” with equipment on loan from the State Library. We hope that our message is spreading far and wide to those descendant family members that can share their story growing up in Farina. We want to know the “Social History” at the time, and so we will set up on site to record those that visit and want to share this experience.

Our next workshop will be 7th May, where we will learn more about the technology and process to make it all happen.