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We are pleased to share with all of our “Farina friends”, our progress, now that we have commenced this “Social History project”.

We have partnered with Genealogy SA, Oral History Trust SA/NT, and the History Trust SA. Completing two Genealogy workshops and training in Oral recording and sound editing.

Our plan is to research 5 major Farina families, at this point, (and collect your contact details for further records) and they are the following:

Finn, Moffatt, Napier, Bell and Patterson families as our major focus for the opening of our new building next year.

Our two volunteer researchers are Jennie Sach and Bob Moffatt, with assistance in a technical capacity from Peter Davis, whom will be working with our partners to add the details we don’t have at the moment.

As part of this “Journey” we will be recording the “Oral History” of those descendant family members that are able to travel to Farina this year, or by arrangement, at another convenient location.

Tell us of your families’ journey, involvement, your youth, school and environment. What you liked and what you didn’t enjoy, in this very arid region.

We are taking this opportunity to also suggest that if you do, in fact, have any, Artefacts, “Historical” documents ie, diaries, documents, photo’s at home that you would like to either donate or allow us to scan, please contact us via our new history email address also available on our web page under contacts.

We would like to add this very important social history to our archives for further general display, as so much has been lost, to the ravages of time. This is a great opportunity to be part of this outcome.

We are also looking for further volunteers to assist in the documentation of this journey. We have several roles available if you would like to assist. If you can type, then we will need to “Transcribe” the oral recordings once completed, as a physical record of the narrative, for lodging with the State Library, this is to be done off site.

We are also looking for someone with Excel experience that can collect data in table format, from “Land title” documents, which we can help provide, and the land title family tree.

And so in late July when our current work season is completed, would be the time to commence.

So please jump on board, let’s make this a fantastic historical record to add to our last 12 years of on the ground workings.

Steve Harding and the research team.