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Hello Farina Supporters,

At present there are 160 people who have registered and been placed in the program for 2020.

Thankyou for your support in volunteering to ‘recover’ this amazing township in the outback. There are still places for a further 40 willing workers across the 8-week program, particularly in weeks 5, 6, 7 and 8, to ensure past work is maintained and to attend this year’s program. Please ring Tom on 0418 300 597 if you have any further availability.

Due to Occupational, Health and Safety Regulations and as a requirement of our Bakery accreditation, it is now essential that all persons working in food handling activities (The Bakery and Café) have an appropriate Food Handling Certificate.

To be able to work in the Bakery or Café, you MUST obtain this prior to attending Farina and bring a copy of the certificate with you. People without the relevant documentation will be unable to work in either the Bakery or the Café. At this stage, it is not possible to complete this course at Farina.

The Food handling certificate is available online and only takes a short time to complete. If you do not have internet access at home, you may be able to attend your local library to complete the course. Log in to:

Baker Laurie Grey has offered the following advice:

  1. Log in or Google
  2. Read the preamble thoroughly and go through all the “Topics I need to Know” section before entering the “Start Assessment”
  1. All the answers to the questions you will be asked are in the area “Topics I need to know”
  2. 90% correct answers gives you the CERTIFICATE. If you do fail first time, please repeat it.

Farina Social and Rail History Preservation Projects

Now is the time for all volunteers with family links to Farina, who may have social history ie ledgers, diaries, photographs and artefacts etc to please email us on: to let us know. Either send that in or bring it with you to Farina.

We are building our knowledge of Farina families, and we are well on the way. Check our web page for family and land titles.

If you also have any contacts with descendants please alert them to our requests. We now have a wonderful new museum and need to fill it.

Tim Paine


Farina Restoration Group