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2014 Restoration

As I write this:

(Sunday 4th May 2014), the underground oven is well on the way to final (baking) temperature with product expected to emerge for sale tomorrow morning (Monday).

The new Farina Catering Van (a huge tri-axle affair which now houses all the food preparation equipment and storage for finished product and a customer servery), will be open for sales in the morning. Martin MacLennan towed the van to site, leaving for the 700Km trip on Thursday morning last week.

As news filters down to me from Farina, I’ll be updating this page so that you can be completely up to date with progress during this year’s 8 week maintenance and re-construction effort. I expect to be on site briefly for the weekend of the 30th (the annual sporting competitions), and week 6 (the second week in June) to catch up with progress for the year.

Wednesday 7th May:

Martin MacLennan arrived back from Farina where he, aided by Rob Weetman and Ian Riches (above), had delivered the Catering Van and set it up so that Jeremy and Aileen could begin baking in the old underground bakery.

Catering van on the road Jeremy and Aileen in the van

Martin reports that:

“Farina began to function as a small township again over the weekend 3rd and 4th May with the Nomad Volunteers beginning to arrive and set up camp.

“Allocation of duties was systematically dealt with by Barry and Bronwyn and on the Sunday the marquee was suitably married to the new preparation van.

A trial run for the new bakers Jeremy and Aileen actually produced some income on Sunday as inquisitive tourists visited.

By 5.00am on Monday the bakery was again operating and by 8.00am produce was being sold.

Jeremy and Aileen (see image opposite), will hand over to Kerry and Lee-Anne on Friday and the bakery will be ably operated by them and other bakery couples until 15th June.

The bakery will fire up again between 5th and 19th July for the school holidays.

Farina is a treat right now having had good rains with fantastic grass coverage of the camp grounds. The good conditions are enabling the wildlife to prosper so a good look out for emus, Kangaroos and horses is essential when driving.

Please forward any newsy items to Rob for inclusion in this page.”