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The 2024 Week 4 Restoration Works

To document the activities of the Farina Restoration Group (FRG) each week during our 8 week programme in 2024 we have chosen to ask for contributions of stories and photos from Volunteers and Visitors. We hope you enjoy looking at the activities and events through the eyes of our volunteers and visitors.

We had a surprise visit this week from long time supporter of Farina, Dick Smith. He met with the crew from the Bakery and also with the founder of the Farina Restoration Group Tom Harding. Dick was our guest of honour at the opening of Patterson’s House in 2021, so it was great to see him again. 


Work continued to enhance our display of the Farina Railway precinct, with Rob Ball cleaning up a recently donated rail drilling machine to get it ready for display.


This week we held the annual Bell Memorial service, with Jeff Schuster flying in his Jabiru to Farina to make the occasion. Flight Lieutenant John Napier Bell, whose parents managed Bells Store at Farina, was tragically killed whilst undertaking a covert mission in France during WW2. 


The stonework continued this week with work to complete repairs to Well No 1 after the flood damage in 2022, and work to stabilise and protect the Gangers Cottage with repointing and wall capping.


It takes a lot of Mulga to feed the hungry underground oven. Earlier this year several volunteers collected Mulga from a property to the East of Copley, and this week some volunteers completed the task of cutting it into pieces ready to be taken down to the oven.


This photo is in honour of the hard working but often unseen volunteers who do the Bakery washing and clean the volunteer showers and toilets every day, 7 days a week.

Without them the Bakery couldn’t operate. Thanks.


Some of our volunteers worked on Pattersons House to paint the walls and windows, as they take a beating from the sun.

The photos were sent in by Peter Kemp who can be seen pictured with the painting team.


Volunteer Glen Alford is a keen ham radio operator and during his time at Farina this year set up his radio. He’s written about his time at Farina this year which you can read by clicking here.


Fantastic progress was made on the Gangers Cottage over weeks 3 and 4, and the three photos below show how progress was made on the front wall from the 10th June to the 18th June 2024.