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Have you been to Farina to see the famous Underground Oven?

If you haven’t then here’s a little taste of what you will see, so come along and have a look next time you’re passing Farina.

As we reported in an earlier post, the Underground Oven had its first major overhaul this year, where we had some Scotch Oven experts work with our volunteers in April to rebuild the backing chamber with new firebricks. The 140 year old bricks had finally come to the end of their useful life, which in our opinion has shown how well the oven lasted.

During the usual work program this year we had our volunteers build a small gable roof over the baking chamber to keep the rain and weather off that are which will prolong the life of the oven. It was built using the same stone and methods to fit in with the existing walls and roof. We’re pencilled in the next major rebuild for 2162.

The photos were kindly taken by Victoria Johnson who permitted us to use the images. Check her out on Facebook @vfaithphotos