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What a great season we have had, and to see so many visitors enjoying what Farina has to offer. Wonderful mornings sitting in the sun whilst enjoying a coffee or breakfast goodies from the bakery.

The Bakery is now closed for this year, but the “Historical Inland Township” remains open all year round, with some great camping spots, walking trails and new experiences if you haven’t been before.

Take a look at our volunteer’s latest stone works to Moffatts house, Transcontinental water well and minor stone walls to the above ground “Exchange Oven”, and new curved roofs to the educational boards with many smaller jobs completed this year.

The included image is all the volunteers from our last week (week eight) in front of the Transcontinental Hotel.

More to come over the next few weeks.Thanks once again to ALL of our volunteers and VISITORS, without you all Farina would not continue as a Historical Town.

FRG Committee.