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Our famous FARINA “Underground Bakery” will be open on Saturday 28th May 2022.

This is the most remote pop up bakery in Australia, and only operates 8 weeks of the year.

The Wood Fired Underground Oven has been rebuilt and will be producing a beautiful range of fresh daily bread including a 1Kg Fruit Loaf, that’s yummy with lashings of butter around the camp fire, as well as the Artisan loaves we produce on a daily basis.

The 8 hour Slow Cooked Beef, is so tender and forms part of a beef, bacon & cheese pie. What’s a bakery without cakes & biscuits, plenty of cakes, slices and great coffee on offer here, watch the waistline!!The New Bakery now produces some fantastic goodies.

The important projects that we run to keep our history alive, including Stone Work is still ongoing, so if you’d like the experience of re-pointing and laying some stone, then give it a go. So join us in Farina this season, enjoy the bakery products, made fresh every day, and bathe in the “History” of this now historic inland town.

There is plenty to see and do, this is a tourism experience that you can’t miss and the site is open all year round. So get to Farina this year if you can. Our first trading day will be Saturday 28th May 2022 until the end of school holidays Sunday 24th July 2022.

See you there.

Farina admin.