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We’re almost there. The BIG day is coming.

Our FRG team of Bill, John, David and Adrian are busy in Peterborough “Steam Town” getting our NSU 62, locomotive ready for transport on Tues/Wed of this coming week. One of 14 to be manufactured by Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd nicknamed the Crompton’s, for export to Australia in 1955.

This locomotive was one of the last to run on our area of the narrow gauge line on the Great Northern Railway or Old Ghan later the Central Australian Railway, Successfully used on the narrow gauge and more lately Marree to Alice Springs and was then at the completion of the general freight service closure was then used to demolish the narrow gauge line.

This will be a huge “Milestone” for all of our volunteers that have worked so hard over the last few years to raise the funds required for the move. A big “Well Done” to all!

Once on site it will be there for all to enjoy.

Preparation for the move includes fitting “Lifting devices” having them bolted in place ready for the cranes to lift the loco onto the truck, and securing all of the inside equipment etc so it doesn’t move during transport.

Our locomotive is being lifted and transported by James Contract Supplies located in Wingfield. The locomotive will be lifted onto its low loader on Tuesday 9th May and transported to Farina on the 10th May. So if you are interested give the convoy a wave on its journey to Farina.

Thankyou Tamara for the images.

More later.