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Farina Restoration Group are very pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with the University of Adelaide to educationally support our local remote schools of Marree and Leigh Creek. Like the “School of the Air” children live in a sparsely populated part of the Far North with less access to the same resources as their city counterparts due to living in a remote location.

Farina (FRG) hope to reduce this divide by sponsoring the Children’s University (CU), who run a fantastic practical and online program for remote students. These programs are completely voluntary, but we hope that a large percentage of children enrol. We are also opening this program to the Port Augusta “School of the Air” as there are approximately 6 children in our surrounding area.

We hope to commence the program in August (Term 3) this year, and students will graduate in term 2 in 2023, so that they can graduate in Pattersons House during our season in June/July. The CU field officers will be on site in the next few weeks to enrol students and hand out passports to learning for their use.

Just to add, we are very excited by this initiative, and we hope to see children graduating, starting next year. Without all of our visitors this would not be possible, thank you all.

Below is a release from the Managing Director Children’s University Ms Kiri Hagenus.

Children’s University Australasia and Africa (IO) is excited to be working with the Farina Group to bring the Children’s University Adelaide program to our first far north schools in Marree and Leigh Creek. The Farina Group had generously offered to sponsor the students’ involvement in the program, which will see the schools developing a greater connection to the work taking place to restore Farina, build connections with the University of Adelaide and also becoming more involved in their own communities through participation in Children’s University.

What is Children’s University? It is an innovative program that engages children and young people in learning outside the classroom, increases educational attainment and achievement, and rewards participants for engaging in beyond school learning. CU enables quality assured activities outside the school curriculum, which are fun, voluntary, varied and have a link to higher learning, providing a platform for children to develop educational and work aspirations. Students participate in extra-curricular or beyond school learning activities, accumulating hours and recording them in a ‘Passport to Learning’. When a certain number of hours are earned, they are presented with certificates of achievement at a formal graduation ceremony. CU targets children aged between 5 and 14 years, with opportunities for older children to participate as volunteers taking part in leadership and community projects which link to higher education pathways.

FRG Committee. Letter Image by Gordon Oates