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The Farina underground historical oven has just been rebuilt for this season. Many thanks to Dennis Benson, Doug & Martin MacLennan, Rob Power, Bill Brock, Leon Bailey and Row & Jess for their work on the oven. Also thanks to Ken Blackman, John and Nola Buttfield who did a lot of maintenance and Anne Dawes for lighting the fire. They all for donated their valuable time in re building the oven, so that it will be more efficient and use less wood.

Jim spent many years with us in the Farina season, diligently maintaining the underground oven, so we could cook and managed the dough making and baking everyday he was on site. He would do many trips a day up and down the steps to the oven, with finished bread of all types, from very early in the mornings, and he loved it.

Jim was a very special person, who loved anything bread, he would spend many hours talking to visitors, explaining how bread was made. He would also spend many days travelling around South Australia, visiting small bakeries and exchanging ideas on bread making.

He passed away having a short illness.

In “Memorial” to Jim the “Last brick” was placed in the oven at 6.30pm by torchlight after a long day, in Jim’s name.

We loved Jim and we will all miss him. We send our thoughts and best wishes to Jim’s family.

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