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Information is continuing to trickle through as this year’s works progress is documented. The big new equipment shed is finally in site and ready for the floor to be poured..

Shane Welsh, one of our newly registered “Friends of Farina” mentioned that he had just shot some video from is radio controlled quad ‘copter. Shane has given us permission to include his videos on our website.

As you look at the vireo, the main building that is being worked on (note the large scaffold inside) is the Exchange Hotel – long being in need of some timely repair before the front wall falls down!

Shane said “Wind was a bit rough and I was just getting happy snaps, but you’re welcome to whatever you can get from them.”

See video No. 1 HERE, and No. 2 HERE.

Currently, we have stories on the following subjects:

The Anglican Church Blessing

The Anzac Memorial

The Bell Memorial (minus fly-over)

Bush carpentry and more rain

The original Ghan Leigh’s Creek crossing

The Oven refurbish

Our first revegetation trial

The Exchange Hotel upgrade and the new Equipment Shed