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The 2021 Restoration Works

With the 2020 Restoration season cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2021 programme was set to catch up on the missed activities and see the Official opening of the newly built Pattersons House.

To make our visitor experience more enjoyable and to start off this years projects the volunteers have installed three public toilets on the concrete pad that was up until 2019 used as the Cafe area (the area covered by a tent in past years). It was not a trivial ‘business’, as a new septic tank and transpiration bed had to be installed and then the three semi-portable toilets, complete with flush loos’ were installed and plumbed in. The toilets will be set up in this spot every year during the FRG restoration programme (from May to July) and cleaned and stocked with toilet paper by the volunteers. The group doesn’t receive public funding for the toilets so their running costs are covered by money made from sales in the Bakery and Cafe.

Each of the major events and activities run by the Farina Restoration Group are described in more detail below, including many photos. Click on the links to read more.

2021 Weeks 1 to 3 Restoration 2021 Weeks 4 and 5 Restoration 2021 Week 6 Restoration
2021 Week 7 Restoration 2021 Week 8 Restoration